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Dear Yuletide Author

Thank you for looking at my requests! I will be delighted with anything that comes my way :-).

Myself? I write mainly for the Transformers Generation One fandom, but I've forayed briefly into Harry Potter, Aliens and Predators, Star Wars and other Transformers genres.

A bit about what I like:

(1) I like stories which end on a positive note. By that I do not necessarily mean a 'happy ending' preceded by 'fluffy content' (although that's fine if you want to write it!) But in fact, the story can be as dark and angsty as the author likes, as long as there is some positive outcome. If a character is subjected to a nasty experience, no worries - so long as they move on from it, are empowered by it, learn from it etc and something better results. If I can feel 'uplifted' as a result, so much the better!
(2) Theme wise I especially like stories which have in the background the following: Political intrigue, legal intrigue, gangland/underworld politics, supernatural themes, philosophical themes, cross cultural elements, exploration of alien races/concepts.
(3) Character wise, I like complex, enigmatic characters. I also like those who 'struggle' with life - for whatever reason - but manage to sort themselves out (or go some way in that direction).
(4) Relationship-wise, I like to read about 'difficult' relationships with complex dynamics, angst, love triangles, power imbalances etc. Love/hate relationships are awesome! I'm not entertained by situations which are abusive, and where characters end up irreparably damaged, dead or simply in miserable, hopeless situations. Again, death and damage can be there, but if they are then I like to see some resolution of issues/positive direction.
(5) I'm not adverse to revenge/payback themes either, or the concept of 'rescue.' Fluff and happy endings under those circumstances are not unwelcome at all!

I'm really only squicked by mega power imbalances/abuse or where a story ends all bleak and hopeless, as described above. I prefer there not to be non canon character death.
Any kind of explicit sex is fine. Including - with the robots - sticky, plug and play or sparkplay. I don't mind mechpreg.
Crack is also fine.


Characters: Any

I'd like to see two characters, a male and a female, in a relationship either as in the series or of the author's creation. A 'situation' arises which threatens that relationship - which if somebody gets captured, threatened or whatever is fine. How does it turn out? Up to you, author!

Transformers Armada
Characters: Swindle, Starscream

This relationship does, of course, come to an end with Starscream's demise. I'd like to see something written either before that happens, or after but with Swindle coming to terms with the situation, finding something new but not forgetting his old 'master' maybe? Or an AU version where Starscream 'comes back!' Which can be in supernatural form.

Transformers: Prime
Characters: Knockout, Arcee

A really angsty, roller coaster relationship between these two would be awesome!

The Clangers
Characters: Any

Awww - how could I resist this? Just a really sweet fluffy story would work wonders here. Although Clanger politics and their place in the scheme of things could be interesting!

Here is my A03 sites, for the kind of writing I do: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Ayngelcat
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