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So just to continue the 'amazing sexy constructicon construction equipment' theme - some of THESE machines are truly incredible.

All this lot should have been in at least one TF episode somewhere - especially that spiderbot! How cute XD And the crane ... *flails...* Maybe this IS Scrapper and co - they got upgrades :) Except the spider - he's a blow-in.

It rained all day today on and off, with really high winds. From the office I watched part of a roof come adrift, and a large gate swing open and nearly bash a car - so it shows how careful we have to be when this sort of weather suddenly hits. I think people get complacent when its dry for long spells.

I couldn't wait to get home and putter about in the garden, which is very happy now. I transplanted about five cape gooseberries and they should get off to a good start.

Meanwhile, poor kitteh isn't impressed. He keeps looking angrily at the great outdoors like 'how DARE it be like this?' And he hides in a cupboard when the rain gets heavy or thunder threatens - dunno why, because he grew up in the north where there were storms all the time!
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Yes I am tonight - its been a long week. But it was productive in the end, since I made some enquiries about post-grad studies and even started hatching a few plans. This evening, I've also done some awesome RP on the Mush with Hook and Bonecrusher. Awesome!

And having Constructicons on the brain, I was really happy to find THIS Calendar, which is undoubtedly the one the Constructicons hang in their base.

Part the reason I love Constructicons is because heavy construction equipment is SEXY! Frag yeah! I can't be the only one that thinks this :DD
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Back at work, today was pretty cheerless. So here's some entertainment.

THIS cheered me up at any rate.

Bad tempered Constructicon! I figure the conversation went something like this:

Long Haul: Hey - Scavenger - you seem outta sorts.
Scavenger: I'm in a bad mood. Nobody appreciates me! I'm allowed to be in a bad mood. And what does that idiot want?
Long Haul: Wo-woah! Hey - leave the squishie will ya? Bots'll have our T-cogs. There's only two of us...
Scavenger: Well I'm gonna get that then...

*KERR-RUNCH ...!!* *Squishie has fit*

Long Haul: Hey! Be gentle will ya?
Scavenger: Its a squishiemobile, idiot! It doesn't feel stuff.
Long Haul: I meant with ME, you moron!



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