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So many interesting facts can be gleaned from reading and researching TFs. In learning more about Kickback, I discovered the following fascinating facts about grasshopper mating habits:

"A male grasshopper has 400 mating songs in his repertoire! (Move over Luther Vandross!) And, each grasshopper song means something else- from flirting to "I want to do you."

"Nodes around  a grasshopper's penis area are are called spiracles are a term given to them by the Dali Lama. It is a zannist word for a god. This god was the god of pleasure and sex."

"Grasshopper mating habits are as comical and varied as the species itself. Each has its own way of attracting and keeping a mate for the brief but torrid grasshopper mating season."

"Certain grasshopper species have very elaborate courtship rituals. The North American grasshopper will twist itself into 18 different poses with its wings and legs to impress a potential mate. Waving brilliantly colored wings is another way to attract a female. A tiny grasshopper from Costa Rica drums its back legs on its favorite food plant to attract a like-minded mate."

"Actual mating between grasshoppers can last from 45 miniutes to well over a day....some females will mate with several males depending on the species. Wow!

"Most male grasshoppers die immediately after mating, with the female surviving long enough to lay her eggs." And I read somewhere that with some species the penis is detachable and actually falls off after mating.

This last is clearly why Kickback has no girlfriends, and prefers stag beetles.

This guy evidently did not like the little hoppers so much, though Kickback laughs gleefully at the article and says that this, about closely related crickets, might further explain some feelings of human inadequacy (Kickback laughs some more)

LOL - I love the things you can find out! And I love Insecticons XD
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So just to continue the 'amazing sexy constructicon construction equipment' theme - some of THESE machines are truly incredible.

All this lot should have been in at least one TF episode somewhere - especially that spiderbot! How cute XD And the crane ... *flails...* Maybe this IS Scrapper and co - they got upgrades :) Except the spider - he's a blow-in.

It rained all day today on and off, with really high winds. From the office I watched part of a roof come adrift, and a large gate swing open and nearly bash a car - so it shows how careful we have to be when this sort of weather suddenly hits. I think people get complacent when its dry for long spells.

I couldn't wait to get home and putter about in the garden, which is very happy now. I transplanted about five cape gooseberries and they should get off to a good start.

Meanwhile, poor kitteh isn't impressed. He keeps looking angrily at the great outdoors like 'how DARE it be like this?' And he hides in a cupboard when the rain gets heavy or thunder threatens - dunno why, because he grew up in the north where there were storms all the time!
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This time they worked!

The one at the bottom is the native plants 'area' at the other end from the vegie garden.

That's an olive tree next to the shed in the second one down and, amazingly, its only just over a year old!

The greyish bushes behind the vegies in the third one down are Roman Wormwood - so good at keeping insects down. The purplish bush right at the back is a native hibiscus.

Still no second invasion of snails, but with this rain I shall be on the alert. In the UK it always seems more to be slugs. But here its definitely snailfest XD

The rain is pattering down out there tonight. I think I'll go and get some peas and beans to add to this collection at the weekend. At last its probably cool enough for them :-)

Photos under cut )
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Weather has stayed cooler (joy!) So did some more gardening today. HERE is the link I put on Twitter the other day showing the vegies.

I currently have capsicums, chillies, bok choi, spinach, lettice, kale, endives, basil, parsley, coriander and fennel. On the way are cauliflower, broccoli and broccolini, and there are some broad beans coming along. the cape gooseberry bush is powering, and has produced several offspring this year that I am in the process of transplanting. It's so good to just go and get lettuce and herbs instead of having to pay a fortune for tired looking things from Coles.

That tall goldeny bush is Roman Wormwood, it keeps the insects at bay.

Most of the vegies and herbs were only put in a few weeks ago. Its amazing what cooler weather and rain can do. I also use a seaweed mix called "Powerfeed" which sounds more like a brand of energon, but the plants love it! I'm amazed how much difference it made - that and managing to stay on top of the weeds this year (yes, I pulled the ones in the photo out today!).

And HERE is the other end of the backyward, which is mostly native trees, shrubs and plants, also much happier with rain and Powerfeed.

The garden is one of the most positive things in my existence at the moment and something I would miss if I wasn't in Australia any more, because there is a lot of space here! But then as [livejournal.com profile] dellessa was showing the other day, great gardens can also be made in much smaller spaces - and one the size of mine is a lot of work. I'm pleased with it, anyway. The back yard was a wasteland a couple of years ago.
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Yes I am tonight - its been a long week. But it was productive in the end, since I made some enquiries about post-grad studies and even started hatching a few plans. This evening, I've also done some awesome RP on the Mush with Hook and Bonecrusher. Awesome!

And having Constructicons on the brain, I was really happy to find THIS Calendar, which is undoubtedly the one the Constructicons hang in their base.

Part the reason I love Constructicons is because heavy construction equipment is SEXY! Frag yeah! I can't be the only one that thinks this :DD
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Modified from a meme on [livejournal.com profile] oc_meme_central
Which character of yours would be most likely to...
(G1 Answers)

Jump off a bridge? Frenzy. He's just crazy.
Get drunk and pass out? Mixmaster. On his own potions.
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? Jazz. He's full of surprises.
Be far too hyper for their own good? Kickback. He already has ADD. Closely followed by Scavenger.
Be raped? Any one of the Reflector triplets on their own (or even together).
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Swindle. Vortex would never let him live it down.
Star in a horror movie? Bonecusher and Vortex. They hunt and kill zombies.
Star in a whore movie? Octane. Or maybe Scavenger, and Swindle's his pimp?
Star in a video game? Tracks. This is his 'big break.'
Make the world a better place? First Aid First Aid First Aid!!
Have a torrid love affair? Quite a few I think! But Bumblebee most springs to mind.

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Back at work, today was pretty cheerless. So here's some entertainment.

THIS cheered me up at any rate.

Bad tempered Constructicon! I figure the conversation went something like this:

Long Haul: Hey - Scavenger - you seem outta sorts.
Scavenger: I'm in a bad mood. Nobody appreciates me! I'm allowed to be in a bad mood. And what does that idiot want?
Long Haul: Wo-woah! Hey - leave the squishie will ya? Bots'll have our T-cogs. There's only two of us...
Scavenger: Well I'm gonna get that then...

*KERR-RUNCH ...!!* *Squishie has fit*

Long Haul: Hey! Be gentle will ya?
Scavenger: Its a squishiemobile, idiot! It doesn't feel stuff.
Long Haul: I meant with ME, you moron!

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Well I was going to post some pictures of my garden today. But LJ wouldn't let me do it. Mean LJ.

So also as part of Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, I'm doing this. Which I'm quite nervous about, but I've wanted to do something like it for a while.

And below is my first entry - a 'list poem' about the desert, as I remember it. Which actually was ood to do, because it made me realize the time out there a few years ago was really rather special.

Also good because I hadn't written a poem for about 20 years!

A better day today, though my back's still sore. I got the [livejournal.com profile] tf_prime giftfic finished and sent off (finally) and am hoping its OK.

Here's poem: DESERT )


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