May. 10th, 2013

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So many interesting facts can be gleaned from reading and researching TFs. In learning more about Kickback, I discovered the following fascinating facts about grasshopper mating habits:

"A male grasshopper has 400 mating songs in his repertoire! (Move over Luther Vandross!) And, each grasshopper song means something else- from flirting to "I want to do you."

"Nodes around  a grasshopper's penis area are are called spiracles are a term given to them by the Dali Lama. It is a zannist word for a god. This god was the god of pleasure and sex."

"Grasshopper mating habits are as comical and varied as the species itself. Each has its own way of attracting and keeping a mate for the brief but torrid grasshopper mating season."

"Certain grasshopper species have very elaborate courtship rituals. The North American grasshopper will twist itself into 18 different poses with its wings and legs to impress a potential mate. Waving brilliantly colored wings is another way to attract a female. A tiny grasshopper from Costa Rica drums its back legs on its favorite food plant to attract a like-minded mate."

"Actual mating between grasshoppers can last from 45 miniutes to well over a day....some females will mate with several males depending on the species. Wow!

"Most male grasshoppers die immediately after mating, with the female surviving long enough to lay her eggs." And I read somewhere that with some species the penis is detachable and actually falls off after mating.

This last is clearly why Kickback has no girlfriends, and prefers stag beetles.

This guy evidently did not like the little hoppers so much, though Kickback laughs gleefully at the article and says that this, about closely related crickets, might further explain some feelings of human inadequacy (Kickback laughs some more)

LOL - I love the things you can find out! And I love Insecticons XD


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